Tips For Helping Your Brakes Last Longer

Of all the safety features on your vehicle, your brakes should be at the top of the list. Without them, you wouldn't be able to stop in time at a stop sign or even avoid an accident. To keep your brakes in good condition for as long as possible, follow the tips below when using your brakes to decrease some of the stress that constant use can put on them. Read More 

Understanding Smog Tests And Failures

If you need a vehicle inspection, then your mechanic will complete a variety of tests to make sure that your car is compliant with state regulations. Depending on the state you live in, a smog test may also need to be completed through a place like Smog King. If you are unfamiliar with the test, keep reading to learn about what it is and what happens if your vehicle fails the test. Read More 

Is It Ever Okay To Perform A DPF Delete On An On-Road Vehicle?

Many people hear about DPF removal methods for their trucks or other diesel vehicles, and immediately want to know more about the process. In truth, a DPF delete can benefit a vehicle in several ways. However, there are definite reasons DPF deletes aren't always okay for on-road vehicles. Why People Want a DPF Delete on Their On-Road Vehicles For most people outside of off-road and performance driving, a DPF delete represents better fuel economy for their vehicle. Read More 

Three Guidelines To Care For Your Transmission

Your automobile won't be able to give you the service that you need unless you understand how exactly to repair and maintain it. You probably know the importance of caring for your engine, but it's just as important that you provide some maintenance for your transmission. If you care for your manual or automatic transmission properly, you will be able to maintain your vehicle for much longer and will have far fewer problems from it. Read More 

Three Reasons Your Car Is Burning Oil Quickly

Oil is important in your vehicle; without the correct amount of oil in certain parts of your car, you would quickly rack up some serious auto damage expenses. Like any device, a well-oiled car works well. However, some car owners are often unaware and negligent of the need for oil changes. Your mechanic will advise you to change every couple of thousands of miles (depending on your car make) or s/he may advise you when to come back. Read More