Preventing Breakdowns: 3 BMW Repair Services That Target The Cooling System

Sleek designs, high performance, precise control and handling and luxurious interiors are trademarks for BMW vehicles. BMW was first established in 1916, and has since offered over a century's worth of makes and models that fit every need and desire. BMW vehicles are known for their outstanding quality; however, it is crucial that you put in the effort to maintain your vehicle. You can easily prevent breakdowns with the following 3 BMW repair services that target the cooling system. The design of the cooling system of each BMW is unique from other brands, and familiarizing yourself with how your BMW is built can help you better maintain its overall condition.

The Main Role Of The Cooling System

If you want a vehicle that operates smoothly, the condition of the cooling system is absolutely vital. The cooling system is responsible for one critical function — maintaining proper engine temperature. It does so by circulating coolant through the engine to pick up any radiating heat and passing the coolant through the radiator where it is then cooled by air. A thermostat valve will control the flow of the coolant, and a temperature sensor will detect whether there are any problems that need to be addressed immediately.

Making Sure The Temperature Controls Are Right Through The Thermostat

One of the first things that most BMW repair services look at is the condition of the thermostat in the cooling system. The thermostat controls all temperature sensitive controls, and controls a spring-loaded valve that will open and close based on the temperature of the coolant as it passes through the engine. Temperature controls are critical to both performance and emissions control, and may need to be adjusted and re-calibrated with use.

Although there are many potential problems that may arise with the thermostat, one of the most common problems that repair technicians look for is whether the thermostat is "sticking". A thermostat that is sticking will cause inconsistencies in temperature readings, and the temperature readings will typically fluctuate between being extremely high and being at a reasonable temperature within a matter of seconds.

Ensuring That The Coolant Is Travelling Efficiently By Replacing The Hoses

Hoses are responsible for whether the coolants are able to efficiently and effectively reach one location from another; however, just like everything else, they can quickly deteriorate depending on the amount of use that they have experienced. One of the most important BMW repair services is to look at the condition of the hoses in order to determine whether there are any leaks, abrasions, and cracks. Most experts recommend getting the hoses checked at least twice a year. Hoses need to be replaced periodically for optimal effectiveness. 

Maintaining The Water Pumps

Last but not least, the water pumps are a key player in your BMW's cooling system, as they are responsible for controlling the flow of the coolant through the entire system. Most water pumps are gear or belt driven, and it is crucial that these components are also inspected during the servicing. Water pump inspections are generally limited to coolant replacement, tension adjustments and belt or gear replacements.

If the water pumps are controlled by a timing belt, the timing belt and the tensioner need to be replaced at the same time that the water pumps are being replaced for optimal effectiveness. If you have maintained your BMW well, the water pumps do not need to be replaced often.


A cooling system in good condition will ensure that you get the best performance and drive out of your BMW. It is crucial to stay diligent in BMW repair services, and to make sure that your BMW receives annual checkups. With wear and tear, all of the parts will need to be inspected, adjusted and re-calibrated in order to function at its original performance level and capacity.