Car Title Registration For The Masses: How It Differs From Private Car Registration

When you buy a car from a dealer, the dealer transfers the title to you. You may or may not have to go to the DMV/DOT to register your vehicle yourself. This is very different from how dealerships, both franchised and independent dealers, title vehicles until the vehicles are sold. Here is a closer look at how title registration for the masses of dealers and massive numbers of cars and trucks work. Read More 

How Ignoring Windshield Damage Puts Your Safety At Risk

Your windshield is your (literal!) window out onto the world as you drive. A windshield that is a dirty, cracked, chipped, or otherwise obscured can be a major safety hazard since it prevents you from clearly seeing what is happening around your car. This is obviously its most important role, but it isn't the only way that it helps to keep you safe. Your windshield is a major safety component of your car, and a damaged windshield can put you and other occupants of your car at serious risk in the event of an accident. Read More 

How To Tell If Your Vehicle’s Ball Joints Are In Need Of Replacement

When it comes to having work done on you vehicle, many parts will tell you that they should be serviced through a light on your dashboard. However, other parts are not nearly as obvious when it comes to the indication that something is wrong. Here are some tips to identify that your vehicle's ball joints are in need of replacement. What The Ball Joints Do It helps to understand what the ball joints do so that you can better identify a potential problem. Read More 

A Few Signs You Need To Go To A Transmission Repair Shop

The transmission in your vehicle is a very important system that ensures the automobile runs correctly. Basically, it takes the energy produced in the engine and transfers it to the wheels to make the vehicle move. It changes the gears to allow the wheels to move faster or in reverse. When the transmission is not working properly the car will not run efficiently, or it may not move at all. Here are a few signs it is time to go to a transmission repair shop before the vehicle quits moving: Read More 

Signs And Dangers Of Dirty Or Stale Engine Oil

The engine oil performs multiple functions for your car. Over time, the engine oil becomes stale and dirty, and the dirt interferes with some of the oil's functions. The following are some of the telltale signs of dirty engine oil and how it may affect your car. The Signs There are various signs of stale engine oil, but the following are some of the most obvious. Change in Color Clean oil is lighter in color than dirty oil. Read More