2 Driving Tips That Can Keep You Safe That Most Driver’s Don’t Know

Even if you have thousands of miles under your belt, you probably still do not know everything about driving safely on the road. Here are three driving tips that many experienced drivers don't even know that could help keep you safe on the road.

#1 Your Mirrors Shouldn't Show Your Own Vehicle

You have probably heard about blind spots, which are areas of your vehicle that you are not able to see with your mirrors or in your peripheral vision. These are the areas where another car could "hide" out and blind spots contribute to many accidents.

However, even without fancy blind spot sensors, you can eliminate blind spots on your vehicle just by adjusting your mirrors correctly. Your side and rear-view mirrors should be set up so that you can't see your vehicle at all in the mirrors. Your side and rear-view mirrors should not be set-up so that you can see the edge of your vehicle at all. When your mirrors are set so that they don't provide you with a view of your own car, you should be able to keep an eye on vehicles as they are behind you until you can see them with your own eyes.

This simple adjustment could save your life.

#2 Increase Your Focus By Turning Off The Music

If you really want to increase your focus when you are driving, you should turn off your music. Although your music may make you feel calmer as you drive, it can also cause you to pay less attention to the road. So if you are driving in really poor weather or heavy traffic, turning off your music can help you focus and pay better attention to what you are supposed to be doing.

If you have to have music on when you drive, try to go with slower and calmer music, and save the fast beats and high tempo music for when you are at home. Faster beats and tempo can take your focus more off the road than calmer music. Listening to fast music can cause you to drive faster and match your driving to the music that you are listening to.

You can be a better and safer driver by turning off the radio or switching to calmer music and adjusting your mirrors so that you can't see your vehicle, only the environment around you. These two little adjustments will help you focus more on the road and on the task of driving. For more tips, contact a company like GoldenTech Driving School.