3 DIY Auto Body Repair Mistakes to Avoid

In an attempt to save money, some car owners have attempted to tackle auto body repairs themselves. Unfortunately for them, the results have not always been what they expected. If you are planning a do-it-yourself auto body repair, here are some mistakes that could potentially lead to undesirable results. 

Using the Wrong Tools

Auto body repair requires more than a screwdriver and wrench. There are specialized tools that are used for every task ranging from painting to dent removal. The tools needed are usually not found in auto shops and can be expensive. 

Without the wrong tools, you could not only suffer damage to your car, but also your health. During the process of working on your car, you could encounter a number of hazards, including airborne particles that contain traces of rust, paint fumes, and fiberglass resin fumes.  

Failing to Correctly Identify the Work Needed

On the surface, the problem with your car might seem to be limited to just the body, but there is a possibility that it could extend beyond that. In an accident, not only is the body of your car damaged, but there can sometimes be mechanical damage to the interior parts of your car. If you fail to correctly diagnose every repair that is needed, the mechanical problem could fester and worsen over time.  

Instead of saving money, you would be losing out due to future repair needs to fix what you missed. In assessing your car, it is not only important to consider the body, but the interior parts. If you are not sure of which repairs are necessary, consult with an auto body repair technician.  

Using the Wrong Parts

Since your goal is save money while repairing your car, it might be tempting to cut corners when it comes to choosing replacement parts for your car. However, sacrificing quality for quantity could lead to a shoddy finish and a need to have your car repaired again by a professional. 

Depending on your car, buying generic parts is an option. However, some makes and models require parts from the manufacturer. You need to research each part you are repairing on your car to determine which parts are needed.  

To avoid these mistakes, and the many others that can occur in DIY auto body repairs, consider hiring a professional instead. An auto body technician like Coachman Auto Body can assess your car, determine what needs to be done, and complete the job.