Why Does A Car Break Down Unexpectedly?

In some cases, your car may break down on the road at a time when you least expect it. Here are some reasons that can happen.

Bad Oil

One of the reasons for a surprise breakdown is bad oil. This could happen when you use a type of oil that's of a low-quality grade and your car calls for high-quality, synthetic oil. It could be that you've put a lot of miles on the car in a short interval and it's burning through oil more quickly that you'd think; that means that you need to do vehicle maintenance to change the oil frequently before it starts getting dirty. Or, there could be a problem with your oil filter or engine that's causing there to be a lot of gunk in your oil and in your engine.

In any of these cases, the problem is that impurities can naturally collect in car oil. This oil is spun through the engine repeatedly as you drive. When oil is dirty or in a low quantity, it places a lot of strain on the engine and causes a breakdown. To avoid this problem, get your oil changed at an auto repair shop on the earlier side of the maintenance intervals and have your engine lights checked in a timely fashion.

The Tires Were Weak

Modern tires can withstand a lot more force than their predecessors. Their construction involves several layers of metal and rubber that makes them more impervious to stray auto glass and sharp rocks on the road. Still, your tires have a finite shelf life. And if the tread is low, you could see a tire blowout that you weren't expecting. Always buy high quality, new tires and get your tread check out at each vehicle maintenance.

A General Maintenance Need

In reality. many different car parts can be part of the breakdown if they are not maintained correctly. For the best results, get a general vehicle maintenance checkup at least once a year. But, if you see a light on your dashboard, keep in mind that you might have to take the car in sooner than you had planned. Keep an emergency fund for vehicle maintenance so that it doesn't catch you by surprise; setting aside a set amount after you receive each paycheck is a good way to have funds for car repair, so that you don't have to skimp on vehicle maintenance. 

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