Fuel Mistakes That Can Damage Your Vehicle

When your vehicle is running low on fuel, you probably pull into the closet fuel station, get your gas and think little more about it. Seems harmless, but this is sometimes a bad thing. Where you get fuel from and the type of fuel you choose are important factors. Learn how you can protect your vehicle.

Low Volume Stations

Avoid those gas stations that have very little traffic. Not only will the candy bars in the convenience store be old, there may also be an issue with the fuel. Gasoline doesn't exactly go old, but the longer it sits, the greater the risk of water contamination.

Think about a cup of lemonade that has been sitting and the ice has melted, for comparison. The fuel will still be usable, but it won't be at the same quality level as it once was. Occasionally using old fuel won't damage your vehicle, but if this becomes a regular scenario it can.

Octane Number

Fuel isn't available at different octane levels simply as a way to make money. Fuel's octane levels have everything to do with performance. Contrary to the belief of some, it has nothing to do with increased mileage. For most cars, an 87-octane level is sufficient.

However, if you have a luxury or high performance vehicle, you want to go higher. At the same time, if your vehicle only recommends 87, it's not wise to go up a level as this can cause your engine to consume too much fuel, as it won't be able to burn the fuel fast enough.    

Low Fuel Driving

Don't let your low fuel light be your prompt to get fuel. Letting your fuel level get low, routinely, doesn't just mean higher fill-up costs at the pump, but it can lead to engine damage. The less fuel that is in the tank, the more room for moisture and other debris.

Overtime, the moisture and debris can end up getting through the filter and into the engine. If this is a regular practice, this can be catastrophic to your engine, which is a costly and extensive repair. Always fuel up before you reach the low-level warning to stay safe.

Avoiding these mistakes keeps your vehicle in better condition and it also helps you save money on costly and unnecessary repairs. Make sure you're fueling wisely. An automotive repair shop may also be able to help you discover fuel tips to protect your car.