Three BMW Repairs Not To Perform On Your Own

When you purchased your BMW, you weren't just looking for a vehicle. Make sure you are remembering this when it comes time for repairs. Unlike some other vehicles, it's not always wise to embark on repairs to your BMW on your own—here is why.

Transmission Maintenance

Is it difficult to change gears? If any of these scenarios sound familiar to you, or you are experiencing another transmission related issue, don't put your fix it yourself hat on. Not only does transmission work require a certain skill set, working on the specially designed transmission of a BMW requires an entirely different level of expertise.

Your earnest efforts can end up causing even more damage, which could leave you to pay a high out of pocket cost. When you are having a problem, take your vehicle to a mechanic that is certified to work on BMW vehicles.


Whether it's a small dent that you think you can repair with an at-home repair kit or a scratch, it is also a good idea to leave all your bodywork to a professional repair shop. Not only is it important to let a professional do the work for you in terms of aesthetics, there is wiring, metal work and other systems that often rest just below the surface of your vehicle.

For example, trying to repair a dented door on your own could cause you to damage the wiring behind the door that controls the window and door locks. Don't cause this undue stress. Simply let a professional handle this for you.

Oil Changes

Oil changes are a staple in car care, but just because they're common doesn't mean you should be performing them on your own. First, oil changes for a BMW don't necessarily coincide with the mileage intervals as other vehicles. In fact, you can typically go more miles in a BMW than you can with other vehicles before it is necessary.

Doing an oil change on your own could result in you performing the oil change before it is necessary, which is basically a waste of money. Next, it is imperative that you're using the correct replacement oil, as the wrong oil can hinder the performance of the engine.

In addition to causing more damage, you could even void your warranty. If there is an issue with your car, reach out to a certified BMW repair service for the best results.