FAQ About Black Smoke Coming From A Vehicle

Have you noticed that a large amount of black smoke comes out of the tailpipe of your vehicle? Due to the smoke being black, it is a sign that there is possibly something wrong with your vehicle. For instance, the smoke can stem from the catalytic converter being problematic and needing to be repaired. It is important to get the problem fixed in a timely manner because the emissions that are coming from the tailpipe can pollute the environment. Below, you will gain some insight about black smoking coming from the tailpipe of your vehicle.

How is Black Smoke Related to the Catalytic Converter?

The black smoke is possibly related to the catalytic converter due to there likely being an emissions problem. For instance, the converter has to catalyze the emissions in your vehicle to keep them safe. When the emissions are properly catalyzed, smoke will come out of the tailpipe with a lighter color. The dark smoke is usually that color due to it being filled with chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Another sign that points to a bad catalytic converter is when the black smoke is also accompanied by your vehicle running out of fuel faster than usual.

Is it Illegal to Allow Black Smoke to Come from the Tailpipe?

Emissions laws will depend on which state you live in. If there are laws in place, you will likely be required to take your vehicle to get an emissions test performed under certain circumstances. For example, if you are in need of renewing the registration of your vehicle, you might have to get an emissions test performed. If your vehicle doesn't pass the test, repairs will have to be made to stop the black smoke from coming out of the tailpipe before your vehicle can be registered. Driving without getting a vehicle registered can lead to you being fined, or possibly even face other penalties depending on where you live.

Should a Bad Catalytic Converter Be Promptly Repaired?

It is in your best interest to get the catalytic converter repaired fast if you find out that it is problematic. If you invest in a prompt repair, it is possible that you won't have to purchase a new catalytic converter. A mechanic shop, like Teloloapan  Muffler &  Brakes II Inc, might only need to fix a few parts of the converter. However, keep in mind that an old converter will likely need to be replaced before the black smoke will go away.