Common Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pump

In order for your car to run properly, its fuel pump needs to be in good shape. If you have a newer car, chances are that you have an electronic high-pressure pump located inside your gas tank. The fuel filter is usually located nearby. Generally, the fuel pump and filter has few problems, and they may not even need servicing for the entire time you own your car. However, just like any part, there are those that wear down early or develop problems. If you're wondering if you have a fuel pump problem, here are some signs that you may need it replaced.

Hard starting:

When there is a fuel delivery issue, your car will crank consistently, but won't start. It may also start and run for a few minutes, then the engine will die. This is because the fuel pump is not delivering fuel to the injectors, or it is not providing enough pressure to keep your car running. However, problems can also contribute to hard starting including ignition or sensor issues. If your car is not cranking at all, then it's more likely that it's related to the starter than the fuel pump.

Stalling and hesitation:

One of the more disturbing symptoms is when you're driving along the road and your car suddenly loses power and dies on the road. This type of scenario also includes losing power on hills or feeling a noticeable hesitation or "empty feeling" when you press on the gas pedal. If these appear to be only minor, then try a fuel induction service and inspection before deciding on having the fuel pump replaced.

Strange noises from gas tank:

Chances are you have heard it whirring or knocking whenever you first start up the car in the morning when the pump first pressurizes. This noise usually goes away as soon as pressurization is completed. However, when the pump is beginning to go bad, you will hear a very loud whining or whirring noise that lasts much longer than a few seconds. Sometimes, low fuel levels are the culprit and filling your tank may solve the problem. However, if you are hearing strange noises often, then it's always a good idea to have it checked out.

When your fuel pump isn't working right, it may cause your car to stall out or not start when you least expect it. Generally, these components have a lot of longevity and cause few problems. Fortunately, a fuel pump can be replaced. If you think you might be having problems with your fuel pump, or are having starting and hesitation problems in general, then check with a mechanic, such as at Oak Hollow Tire Car Care Center Inc, to have it tested and repaired.