Warning Signs That Your Truck May Need Transmission Repair

If your car is not shifting gears as it should or it is stuck in a gear, it is common knowledge that you have a transmission issue and need a repair. But this is often what occurs after you have either missed or ignored warning signs of a potential transmission issue for some time. Knowing what the warning signs are of a potential truck transmission issue will help you catch problems early so you can get them repaired before they lead to more problems like a stuck or slipping transmission. Here are a few of the warning signs that you may need a truck transmission repair:

Strange Noises When in Neutral

If you think that you hear strange noises when your truck is shifting gear, switch the truck to neutral the next time you pull into a parking lot, rest area or are at a red light. If you continue to hear noises when the truck is in neutral, that is a tell-tale sign that something is off with the transmission. If you no longer hear noises when your truck is in neutral, you may still have an issue, but odds are, it is not related to the transmission. 

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Another tell-tale sign of transmission problems is a transmission fluid leak. There are a number of reasons why fluid may leak from a car or truck. The most common is a small crack or hole in the hose that carries the fluid to the transmission. But without the fluid, your transmission won't have the lubrication it needs and damage can be done. If you notice a red fluid underneath your truck, you are likely leaking transmission fluid. 

A Sweet Burning Smell

The last sign that your transmission may need to be repaired is a sweet burning smell. When transmission fluid burns, it gives off a faint sweet smell mixed with a burning scent. If you smell this, don't drive your truck far. Instead, get it to a repair shop before the transmission overheats or stops working. 

If your truck is showing you any of these signs, it is important to have it inspected for possible transmission issues. Many transmission problems can be repaired if caught early enough. But if you fail to have them fixed in a timely manner, they can do substantial damage that may require you to have a brand new transmission installed instead. Contact your preferred truck transmission repair shop today to schedule an appointment to have your transmission looked at.