Quick Ways To Notice A Problem With Your Transmission

The transmission in a vehicle is likely to start giving you signs of problems soon after an issue has developed within in. Therefore, you want to take advantage of this and make sure that you are looking for those signs. The quicker you spot them, the quicker you can have your vehicle in the transmission shop and back on the road.

There Is A Delay Felt Every Time You Put The Vehicle Into Drive

Whenever you turn on your vehicle and put it into drive, you should be able to feel yourself smoothly moving forward as soon as you start putting pressure on the gas pedal. However, if you are pressing on the gas pedal and you find that there isn't anything happening and there is then a sudden jerking motion before you take off, you have a transmission problem on your hands. This delay in engagement is only going to get worse until one day, you are no longer able to get the vehicle to move at all.

Transmission Fluid Is On Your Driveway

Do not make the mistake of assuming that leaking transmission fluid is only a sign that you have a problem with a fluid line or the reservoir, when in fact, you could have a problem with the transmission itself. You will need to get your vehicle to a skilled transmission specialist in order to determine just where the leak is coming from. Also, it is vital that the transmission is examined in order to figure out the extent of the damages that may have been caused by it. The sooner you have the leak repaired and any troubles within the transmission itself repaired, the better.

The Check Engine Light Has Lit Up

There is a little symbol on your dashboard that is the universal "check engine" symbol. If this symbol is lit up, it could be that there is a problem with your engine. However, it could be something else, such as a sensor, a fuse, or even an issue within your transmission. Since you don't want to ignore the warning and allow your transmission, or anything else, get so much worse that you are no longer able to drive your home, you will need to get it to the mechanic right away. Your trusted auto mechanic will be able to hook up a machine to your vehicle, which will receive a code that your mechanic can interpret in order to know the exact problem that is causing the warning light to come on.

If you notice any of those transmission issues, or you spot something else that you believe might be an indication of a transmission in trouble, you will want to call for an appointment to have it fixed right away. To learn more, visit a website like http://www.budgetautomotivetucson.com