Three Reasons Your Car Is Burning Oil Quickly

Oil is important in your vehicle; without the correct amount of oil in certain parts of your car, you would quickly rack up some serious auto damage expenses. Like any device, a well-oiled car works well. However, some car owners are often unaware and negligent of the need for oil changes. Your mechanic will advise you to change every couple of thousands of miles (depending on your car make) or s/he may advise you when to come back. It is a good idea to write this information down, but it's also important to know the signs that your vehicle is guzzling oil more quickly than usual (and what that means for your car).

Engine Design

So, you have bought a new car and realize that it drinks oil faster than your older car. A prudent driver always checks his/her engine oil levels. Some engines consume a lot of oil and can consume as much as 1 liter in 1000 kilometers or over 1.5 quarts in a mile. Engine size also plays a role. Before buying a vehicle, if you want to save on oil and gas, it is a good idea to do some research on how often you have to do an oil change and also to determine how much oil your car consumes. So, before worrying about a leak, first check your engine design.


More revs per minute put pressure on your seals and gaskets so the oil is more likely to burn quickly in combustion. If seals and gaskets are worn, they consume more oil. So, you may want to be aware of this when you decide to speed. It may be a good idea to check your seals and gasket. The oil burns faster in the combustion chamber and, in some instances, it just leaks out and your money is wasted.

Engine Temperatures

Older cars have a temperature gauge, while newer cars have sensors. If your engine has a high temperature, it could mean that you need to check your radiator for fluid levels and note that there may be a leak in the radiator. In addition to a radiator problem, you can also have an oil consumption problem, where the oil becomes thinner. It is easier for the oil to reach the combustion chamber and get consumed that way. It is a good idea to always have auto repair work done to prevent these things from happening.

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