Is It Ever Okay To Perform A DPF Delete On An On-Road Vehicle?

Many people hear about DPF removal methods for their trucks or other diesel vehicles, and immediately want to know more about the process. In truth, a DPF delete can benefit a vehicle in several ways. However, there are definite reasons DPF deletes aren't always okay for on-road vehicles.

Why People Want a DPF Delete on Their On-Road Vehicles

For most people outside of off-road and performance driving, a DPF delete represents better fuel economy for their vehicle. The DPF is a diesel particulate filter. It serves to trap some of the more dangerous emissions given off by burning diesel.

These filters can fill up fast, and when they do, your vehicle will suffer for it. DPF filters can clean themselves through a regeneration process. The process burns away the trapped particulates. This is where many of the problems people have with DPF come into play:

  • Particulate buildup can cause issues with drivability
  • Particulate buildup can cause damage to the engine
  • The regeneration process causes vehicles to use more fuel to burn the particulate buildup
  • DPF filters that lack automatic regeneration can cause hundreds of dollars to clean
  • DPF filters that lack regeneration altogether can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace

For people who drive diesel vehicles, all these points can add up to an ongoing headache. In the end, many drivers figure out it's cheaper and more efficient to get rid of the DPF filter altogether with a DPF delete kit.

Why People Shouldn't Delete the DPF on On-Road Vehicles

DPF deletes are illegal for on-road vehicles. In fact, just about any kind of tampering with emissions equipment is illegal in most places. Although, the legalities haven't stopped many people. So, here are a few other considerations:

  • DPF deletes void vehicle warranties
  • DPF deletes will increase emissions
  • DPF deletes make it harder to sell a vehicle

In the end, the choice is up to you to do it or not. Regulations for DPF and other emissions mods fall mainly onto the states and counties to deal with. Where one place may fine you, another may not care.

You can also find alternatives to a DPF delete. Many places that offer DPF delete kits also offer other performance tuners. You can use these tuners to monitor and manage your emissions without removing the DPF.

No matter what you choose, it's better to go about the process knowing exactly what it entails. Nevertheless, if you need that extra performance boost for your off-road or closed track activities, then, by all means, get rid of that DPF. For more information on, DPF EGR delete, contact your local auto service.