3 Ways To Take Top Care Of Your Convertible Top

Owning a convertible Corvette is a dream come true for many car owners. If you own a convertible top, you want to make sure that you treat it with care. 

#1 Avoid the Car Wash

The car wash is an amazing invention that makes it easy to quickly wash your vehicle, especially when it's chilly outside, and you don't want to do the job yourself. However, when you have a convertible, its best to avoid the car wash. Convertible tops tend to be a little temperamental and require a gentle touch than most car washes provided, which is why it is best to avoid the car wash and get out there and hand-wash your car, even if it is a little chilly at times. A big repair bill for damaged seals or a broken mechanism is not worth a quick trip through the car wash.

#2 Vacuum Your Top

The best way to handle wit airborne debris that can get on the top of your cover is by vacuuming the cover, not washing it. When you vacuum the cover, be sure to use the soft brush attachment. Vacuuming the top of your car can be a great solution for dealing with lightweight debris that accumulates on the top of your convertible.

#3 Be Careful When Washing Your Car

Even when you wash your car on your own, you need to be careful with how you wash your vehicle. You don't want to use any cleaning products that include vinegar, detergent alcohol, or acid. All these common cleaning product ingredients can damage the more delicate surface of the top of your vehicle. Which is why you should use natural cleaning products or cleaning products that are specifically designed for convertible tops.

Be careful about the cleaning tool you use as well. Avoid any cleaning tool that will leave behind lint as well as any cleaning tool that could alter the weave. The best cleaning tool to use is a soft bristle brush.

#4 Allow Your Top to Air Dry

When you are done cleaning your top, allow it to air dry out in the open. Do not fold the top right back up when it is still damp. Folding the top up when it is still damp can lead to your top smelling like mildew or even getting damaged. You should only fold up the top when it is dry.

If your convertible top develops any issues, such as a gash or starts to leak around the seal, take it into your local auto body shop for repairs. The sooner the damage is fixed, the less likely the damage is to get worse.