A Few Signs You Need To Go To A Transmission Repair Shop

The transmission in your vehicle is a very important system that ensures the automobile runs correctly. Basically, it takes the energy produced in the engine and transfers it to the wheels to make the vehicle move. It changes the gears to allow the wheels to move faster or in reverse. When the transmission is not working properly the car will not run efficiently, or it may not move at all. Here are a few signs it is time to go to a transmission repair shop before the vehicle quits moving:


If you find the car keeps stalling when you are at a stop sign it could be a transmission problem. The engine may be running but the transmission is not staying in neutral. Since you are not pressing the gas pedal, the car will stall if not currently using the energy from the engine. Neutral is the gear that keeps the engine running without needing any energy from it. The transmission repair technician will be able to determine what the problem is and fix it for you so the car does not keep dying on you.

Burning Odor

A burning odor from the engine compartment means fluid is leaking somewhere, sitting on the hot engine, and smelling bad. You can check under the hood yourself to try to find which fluid it is or you can have a professional find the problem. Regardless of which fluid is leaking, it can affect the transmission. Loss of oil will have parts unlubricated and grinding against each other. This puts stress on the transmission, as it will need to work harder to keep everything moving efficiently. When the fluid is transmission fluid, the system will become dry and not move easily. Leaking brake fluid will cause you to hit the brakes harder to get the car to stop; this will cause jerky movements within the transmission.

Slipping Gears

If you notice the car keeps slipping from one gear to another when it shouldn't, or when you are not doing it yourself in a manual vehicle, there is definitely something wrong. The sooner you have the transmission checked, the less damage there will be,and the easier and less expensive the repair will be.

Do not wait until the car will not go into reverse or you cannot shift to a higher gear to go to a transmission repair shop. As soon as you notice a problem, see a professional -- it could save you a lot of money. For more information, contact companies like AAA Commercial Transmission.