How To Tell If Your Vehicle’s Ball Joints Are In Need Of Replacement

When it comes to having work done on you vehicle, many parts will tell you that they should be serviced through a light on your dashboard. However, other parts are not nearly as obvious when it comes to the indication that something is wrong. Here are some tips to identify that your vehicle's ball joints are in need of replacement.

What The Ball Joints Do

It helps to understand what the ball joints do so that you can better identify a potential problem. The purpose of the ball joints is to allow the suspension and wheels to move up, down, left, and right, which prevents the vehicle from moving in a rigid manner and allows it to be much more flexible. While the ball joints should last a while, there is always the potential for them to wear down like other parts.


The ball joints on the front of your vehicle will start to make a clunking sound that you can hear while inside the vehicle. A worn-down ball joint will eventually become loose, and that clunking sound is made when the ball joint moves around while driving on the road. The sound will get louder when the ball joint becomes even more worn down.


Ball joints that are worn down can also cause your car to suffer from an extreme vibration. This vibration comes from the vehicle's suspension being loose in the socket, which causes a vibration that you'll feel throughout the entire car.


Have you noticed your vehicle drifting to one side of the road? This is another indication that the ball joint has become loose. When your vehicle's ball joints are working and are in good condition, your car should drive straight down the road without any issues. If you find yourself constantly having to correct the vehicle's direction, it could be due to bad ball joints.

Tire Wear

You can also get a good idea of the condition of the ball joints by looking at your tires. A vehicle that's pulling in one direction can cause uneven tread wear on the tires. You can see signs of feathering along the inside part of your tires as a direct result of the drifting. You'll not only need to replace the ball joints by not catching the warning signs early, but you'll also need to replace your tires.

Have your vehicle inspected at an auto repair shop to look at the condition of your ball joints. For more information, contact companies like Powers Car Care Centers.