Car Title Registration For The Masses: How It Differs From Private Car Registration

When you buy a car from a dealer, the dealer transfers the title to you. You may or may not have to go to the DMV/DOT to register your vehicle yourself. This is very different from how dealerships, both franchised and independent dealers, title vehicles until the vehicles are sold. Here is a closer look at how title registration for the masses of dealers and massive numbers of cars and trucks work. 

Taking Possession of a Shipment

When a dealer orders a shipment of new cars, the cars typically come from the manufacturer or from a holding lot that is similar to a dealership. The previous "holders" of these vehicles stamp titles with the vehicles' information, and the name of the place where the cars came from. These titles are only transferable to a dealership, not to a private party buyer. The dealership/dealer has to take possession of the lot of vehicles and then begin transferring the titles into the dealership's name. When there is a really big shipment of cars, this process could take all day, as each vehicle has to be transferred over and then inventoried at the dealership. 

Special Software and Services Make It Go Faster

To make this process go faster, the dealership can purchase special software or engage title registration services with a reputable company/provider. Now the information does not take nearly so long to enter into the dealership's computers and inventory system. What once took a day or more now only takes a few hours. 

Transferring the Title to a Buyer/Customer

When using this special software, the dealership can use it again to transfer a vehicle title over to a buyer/customer. The dealer only has to open the program, pull up the title by VIN number, and then transfer the customer's information into the boxes provided after checking "transfer title." When the buyer/customer pays the title transfer fees with the purchase of the vehicle, the dealership can transfer the title and registration so that the customer does not have to do this upon leaving the dealership. That entire process has already been taken care of so that the customer can just sign and drive off of the lot. 

Special Services/Software Only for the Masses

Even if you were to buy five cars for yourself, you could not use the same programs and services that the dealerships use. These programs/services are reserved for dealerships who have massive inventories of cars and trucks to sell. The software only works with a car business in mind. 

To learn more, contact your local car title registration service.