3 DIY Auto Body Repair Mistakes to Avoid

In an attempt to save money, some car owners have attempted to tackle auto body repairs themselves. Unfortunately for them, the results have not always been what they expected. If you are planning a do-it-yourself auto body repair, here are some mistakes that could potentially lead to undesirable results.  Using the Wrong Tools Auto body repair requires more than a screwdriver and wrench. There are specialized tools that are used for every task ranging from painting to dent removal. Read More 

2 Driving Tips That Can Keep You Safe That Most Driver’s Don’t Know

Even if you have thousands of miles under your belt, you probably still do not know everything about driving safely on the road. Here are three driving tips that many experienced drivers don't even know that could help keep you safe on the road. #1 Your Mirrors Shouldn't Show Your Own Vehicle You have probably heard about blind spots, which are areas of your vehicle that you are not able to see with your mirrors or in your peripheral vision. Read More 

Diagnosing A Check Engine Light Problem

It can be frustrating not knowing why the check engine light is on, especially when you own a foreign vehicle that sometimes requires expensive repairs. The thing about a check engine light is that it can come on for several reasons, so making the right repair might be difficult without assistance from a mechanic. It is a good idea to get the problem fixed in a timely manner in case it is something minor. Read More 

3 Vehicle Upgrades That Will Make Your Ride Look Brand New

If you want to make a vehicle that you've had for a while look as good as new, there are a few upgrades that you can make. Once you make these changes, you will be able to take your car to a new level from an aesthetic standpoint, while also giving your vehicle more resale value. To make the most out of this situation, follow these tips below the best that you can. Read More 

Three Reasons To Upgrade To A Flatbed Truck Body

Access to a pickup truck can make the completion of many tasks a lot easier. If you are looking for a simple way to improve the effectiveness of your pickup truck, then opting to upgrade your existing bed to a flatbed truck body can be beneficial. Here are three reasons why you should invest in a new flatbed truck body for your vehicle in the near future.  1. Flatbed truck bodies are more versatile. Read More