Why Does A Car Break Down Unexpectedly?

In some cases, your car may break down on the road at a time when you least expect it. Here are some reasons that can happen. Bad Oil One of the reasons for a surprise breakdown is bad oil. This could happen when you use a type of oil that's of a low-quality grade and your car calls for high-quality, synthetic oil. It could be that you've put a lot of miles on the car in a short interval and it's burning through oil more quickly that you'd think; that means that you need to do vehicle maintenance to change the oil frequently before it starts getting dirty. Read More 

Tune It Up Loud: Three Of The Best Modern Classics For A Tuning Restoration

For a car to be considered a classic, it must be 20 years old, which is putting a lot of the original tuning cars in this category. Before there were all the Japanese imports, there were many cars that did not make the grade. If you want to start tuning up a classic for an interesting project, here are some more modern classics that you may want to consider: 1. Volkswagen Scirocco—is a sleek hatchback sports car from this German automaker. Read More 

Developing Relationships To Protect Your Property - Questions For Your Auto Service

When you count on someone to perform a task as vital as getting your car back on the road, it's essential that you have a strong relationship with them. While some people may struggle to build a report with their auto service technician, it's important to push through those difficulties to find an open dialogue that will allow for great service into the future. Below, you'll find some questions you should be sure to ask your auto service in order to form this bond. Read More 

When You Aren’t Accelerating: Time To Bring Your Car In For Maintenance

If you are driving an older vehicle and your car doesn't seem to pick up speed when you press the gas pedal, this could be due to a number of reasons. Sometimes the problem is with your exhaust system, while other times the issue is with the transmission of your car. When you start to hear strange noises coming from your vehicle and you aren't able to pick up speed fast enough while driving on the highway, it's time for a checkup. Read More 

Tools and Equipment You Need to Change Your Own Brakes

When you want to save money on auto repair, and you want to change/repair your own brakes, you will need some tools and equipment to do the job. Most repair technicians can elevate a vehicle off the ground with a hydraulic lift just enough to remove the tires and get to the brakes. They also have hydraulic torque wrenches that make the work fast and easy. Unless you plan to spend a fortune turning your garage into a repair shop, you will need other tools and equipment to accomplish the same repair job on your brakes. Read More