Road Trip! 4 Tips to Protect Your Transmission While You’re on the Road This Summer

Summer will be here before you know it. It's time to start thinking about your vacation time. If a cross-country road trip is part of your summer vacation plans, you need to make sure your car is ready for the adventure. In addition to the oil changes, tire rotations, and tune-ups you have planned, it's also a good idea to take a look at your transmission. The last thing you want is to have your vacation interrupted by transmission troubles. Read More 

4 Common Signs That Your Car’s Air Conditioner Is In Need Of Repair

If you live in a hot climate, having ice cold air conditioning in your vehicle is essential during the summer months. Unfortunately, auto A/Cs can wear out and malfunction over time and need to be repaired. Some common signs that it is time to take your vehicle to an auto shop for A/C service include: Lack of Refrigerant Just like a residential air conditioning unit, a car A/C utilizes refrigerant to remove heat from the air and rapidly chill it. Read More 

Car Won’t Start Because Of A Malfunctioning Anti-Theft System? Worn Keys May Be The Culprit

Theft systems are designed to go into effect and make it impossible for a car to start if the wrong key is used. Unfortunately, worn keys can accidentally cause this problem to occur and make it impossible to start a car. Thankfully, this problem can be managed and repaired. Worn Keys Can Trigger An Anti-Theft Warning Modern cars are designed to work with specific keys. The anti-theft systems in these vehicles note the shape of the key and alert the computer if the key is improperly shaped. Read More 

3 DIY Auto Body Repair Mistakes to Avoid

In an attempt to save money, some car owners have attempted to tackle auto body repairs themselves. Unfortunately for them, the results have not always been what they expected. If you are planning a do-it-yourself auto body repair, here are some mistakes that could potentially lead to undesirable results.  Using the Wrong Tools Auto body repair requires more than a screwdriver and wrench. There are specialized tools that are used for every task ranging from painting to dent removal. Read More 

2 Driving Tips That Can Keep You Safe That Most Driver’s Don’t Know

Even if you have thousands of miles under your belt, you probably still do not know everything about driving safely on the road. Here are three driving tips that many experienced drivers don't even know that could help keep you safe on the road. #1 Your Mirrors Shouldn't Show Your Own Vehicle You have probably heard about blind spots, which are areas of your vehicle that you are not able to see with your mirrors or in your peripheral vision. Read More